Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Three Great Starts

Out on the road today, hanging art with the Creative Collective artist group, at Terhune Orchard, I had my first sighting of an electric car, here plugged into the power right on the pole, the joys of having a farm where you can do this!  very exciting first for me

And, second Great Start,  Handsome Son is at the beta stage of setting up his blog, which supports his brand new enterprise, working with clients in their homes on their computer software issues.  Already has some happy clients, and would welcome more!  go here to find out  more and to see a nice image of him, too.

But, best till last, I had a surprise visit yesterday from a close friend's daughter, bringing with her her own daughter, five months old, and visiting from their home in Colorado.  

The baby, the divine Miss K. spent a while here, being adored and held and admired, while she smiled and looked coy, and made interesting noises and examined the cat, and studied the designs on the sofa.  It was such a treat to hold a baby, been a long time!  and to see J. the mom, again, that's been a long while, too, since her shower before Miss K was born.  I've known J since she was a little girl and it's amazing to see her as a competent mom, totally relaxed and happy with her little girl. 

I  was lucky they fitted me in, what with a whirl around many relatives all meeting Miss K for the first time, she's making a royal progress through many houses!  I booked another visit before they leave again, and one with older brother M, now a great big four.

A rich couple of days!  electricity in several forms.

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  1. Ah - babies. So much love all wrapped up in such a tiny little package.


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