Sunday, November 8, 2015

Labyrinth visit, pix shown despite Yahoo's best blocking efforts...

Today was time for a visit to the labyrinth, in honor of a recently departed husband of a friend.  I got lost getting there, because one of my landmarks had changed so that I overshot the place.  I navigate by landmarks, since directions and the sense of direction are foreign to my hardwired brain, and when they change, or as in this case, cover them up as they demolish behind them, well, I ask you.

So I wheeled around and got found again, wonderful light and blowing leaves and then found that the labyrinth is ankle deep in beautiful leaves, impossible to walk it.  

So I had a change of plan and did a sitting meditation on the bench there instead.  

And my alarm telling me when time was up defeated my efforts to turn it off, because in bright sunshine the screen's unreadable.  Eventually I managed it, quiet returned, and I did take a couple of pix to send to my friend.

And then once home, spent upwards of an hour trying to get them to upload. Yahoo in its wisdom, has changed the app on my tablet, so that it's no longer possible to simply send images to my regular email for uploading.  Noooooooo.  I managed after numerous efforts to get one uploaded and sent.  The other not so fast.

So I figured the culprit was Yahoo, who have put out a buggy app instead of getting it working before installing it, as in ready! fire! aim! so perhaps I could send it to another email address.  

But my backup email, good old Juno, used it for thirty years, one single crash in all that time, no bugs, just a simple email that works, well, my tablet won't talk to Juno. Won't even list it.  So I sent to yet another email I never use, and forwarded on from there.  And now it finally works.

So thanks to Yahoo's yahoos, it is now a multipart process: take pix, send to one email, ship to another, download to hard drive, upload to thumbdrive, download to blog, lie down, have a cup of tea. But the pix are nice to see, a good memory of a quiet meditation period.

And, on the principle of the Shakuhachi effect, I learned a workaround instead of just getting all irate and arm waving.



  1. glad you got that all worked out, Liz; it would be a shame to dent a nice meditative afternoon with Yahoo intruding--

    it does seem that everytime they change things we become the Beta testers, and they change things around as people howl at them from the sidelines.

  2. There is an easier way. In your blogger dashboard, settings, mobile and email. Set up an email by choosing a word and clicking save as draft. It sends the pics to an unpublished draft. Then you can go in at your pleasure add words and edit the picture sizes etc.

  3. Thank-you for the input. Not sure at which point the detour to Picasa for watermarking fits in. And I wonder if you have the mobile blogger app in mind? Doesn't operate on the Android, buggy. But I'll try it out all the same.

  4. Oops. You're supposed to get lost INSIDE the labyrinth ;-)

    Solution to photo problem:
    Take pic with a digital camera,
    upload to your computer/laptop at home,
    edit with your favorite graphics program,
    email out with whatever reliable program you always use.

    I had Juno email before I owned a computer. Nice to see they're still around.


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