Monday, November 9, 2015

Hot biscuits with red lentil flour and caraway seeds

It dawned on me that there was no federal law against buying a 12 inch pizza pan, useful for all kinds of things as well as pizza, since it's designed to go in the oven. I never have a big enough pan that will do that.  And shoving all that flatbread into a pan two inches too small because it would go in the oven, didn't make a ton of sense.

Soooo, I did, I sent away for a nice Teflon one, complete with warnings about not poisoning your pet parrot with the outgassing.  Which actually can only happen if you totally overheat and burn the thing and start to degrade the surface. At which point you are endangered as much as your poor old polly.   It's a product of the Tort Lawyers' Full Employment Act, I think.

Anyway, it arrived today, the pan, not the parrot, and was instantly pressed into service since I was out of bread, horrors, can't happen here, and quickly decided on hot biscuits.  This is adapted from a great recipe in the Silver Palate, which uses oils instead of solid fats.  

I use either a mix of canola with some other veg oil, I forget what, or olive oil. And I've changed and added so much over the years that it hardly resembles the original, but it's still good.  I long ago ditched the vanilla essence she uses a lot of, ew, and use all oil instead.  I make my own buttermilk, never remember to buy any, by using lemon juice to sour the milk, if I don't happen to have any soured milk handy.

And since I had that lovely pink lentil flour, I figured I'd use half and half that and ap flour.  Then wondered what nice inclusions I could run to.  Sometimes it's sunflower seeds, sometimes crushed walnuts, but I thought, hm, seeds, what have we here..fennel? nah, anise might not work here, but caraway now, well, that was an idea. One teaspoonful of caraway seeds.  

I've always liked inclusions, nuts and stuff in icecream, seeds and nuts in bread and cake.  Poor Handsome Son as a little boy once refused to eat his bread because, Mommy, my bread's got rocks in it!

So here's the new pan on its maiden voyage, I declare this pan open, and God bless all who bake in her

and here's the hot biscuit with a bit broken away so you can see the nice pink inside. 

I had to transfer it to a board, can't cut it on the Teflon surface. And I often make one giant hot biscuit using all the dough, then cut it into squares.  I like this better than separate biscuits all with a crusty outside.

It tastes fine, neutral enough to go with cheese or whatever else I fancy, maybe a little sausage.  It's tender, breaks easily, because the lentil doesn't have gluten, but it's protein rich because of the lentil.  For some reason I felt very Moroccan doing this one...

Oh, and no pix of my latest apple crumble, just a couple of notes, since it's the best evah!  I had no brown sugar, so I browned white sugar with molasses, worked a treat.  And I treated the apples, nice flavory ones from the farm, by macerating in salt, maple syrup and a bit of the homemade brown sugar.  Drained the liquid off after an hour, reduced it to half, like a syrup, then drizzled it over the fruit in the dish.  So good.

And I used Martha's oatmeal crumble on top except that I doubled it by using a cup of almond meal as well as the oatmeal and o. flour along with homemade b. sugar.  Must remember all this, since it was really worth doing.  

It went over so well when HS came to dinner last evening, and I had to have some for breakfast, no toast in the house, that there's not enough around to make a blogworthy picture.

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