Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Poisson et pommes frites a la mode de chez Liz

So, long time since fish was on the menu, and in anticipation of heavier fare later in the week, I thought I might make a nice fish dinner.  

Proceeded to marinate a piece of Alaskan pollock, which always sounds like an insulting term more than a food item, in cherry balsamic vinegar, later breaded it with panko, chunked up a scrubbed but not peeled potato, tossed the pieces in olive oil and kosher salt, sprinkled a bit of coarse sea salt over, and roasted the lot.  Well, the potatoes for about 45 minutes, and the fish for more like 9, at 425F.

Here the fish is resting on a rack for half an hour after the breading, so that it dries a bit and the breading is more crisp.

Served it with a nice glass of homemade lemonade (lemon slices from freezer, that way I always have some lemon around). 

And realized that this posh and labor intensive poisson et pommes frites a la mode de chez Liz really amounted to fish n chips and lemonade. Well, fish n chips maison, to hang desperately onto a bit of posh description.  But it was pretty good anyway.

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