Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good news bad news, things not to do in a heatwave

Since I wrote this morning's innocent little post, there has been a rapid series of good news and bad news.

Bad news: really nasty intestinal thing too boring to go into, happened, but narrowly cleared up in time for me to go to the farm for my CSA.  So that was good news.  Plenty of corn in my share among other good things. Good news. So I went off to HS's condo to deliver some to his door as promised.

Then one of his neighbors, as I was driving up the lot, backed out at speed and tore off the rear end of my car.  This was bad news.  First accident in years.  Not in traffic, nobody else involved, nobody injured.  This was good news.

But I was out there in 100F heat making police reports and insurance reports, while the other driver refused to wait and drove away.  Bad news.  I insisted on getting her info before she left, and just managed to catch her license plate number as she vanished.  Good news.

 Friend of mine who lives in same complex came home, invited me in to get cool and drink cold water and calm down.  Good news.  Police officer totally on my side in this situation, said, as soon as he heard the name of the other driver, oh, say no more, I know her.  I'm ticketing her for leaving.  This is sort of okay news, I don't like people suffering over a stupid act. He checked the car, concluded it was drivable, tore off the bit left of the rear and stuffed it into the rear seat
interesting series of images here, the bits of the bumper and various reflections, so I could go home in the cool and do the insurance stuff.  Done.  Adjuster will call with instructions.  Car works, lights work, it's legal to drive.
What's left of the rear end

On the totality:  no person was hurt, though the other driver screamed at me that it was my fault!  I explained that the law says when you leave a parking place you are in fact responsible not to hit ongoing traffic.  More screams of rage and I just kept on insisting she give me her insurer, etc.  and despite her claims that I've always hated her (I don't even live there, haven't set eyes on her in maybe ten years, then only to say hello in passing, perhaps she thought I was someone else), I just kept on asking for the info until finally I got it. Phew.

All in all, a bit more action than I would have fancied on a hot day.


  1. Oooo, bad other driver. Good no-one was hurt though. Man those little Hondas just keep on going.

  2. Glad you weren't hurt. Some people are just so ignorant, she obviously has a record of bad driving if the police officer knew her

  3. Oh my - I'm so glad you weren't hurt! Some people seem to think they own the road and heaven help the poor souls that happen to get in their way.

  4. Ach! Just what you didn't need!!! The other driver (and I use the term "driver" with reservation) doesn't sound as though she's all there. But, as I've said before, every community has their fair share of village idiots, also a lunatic fringe and she sounds like she's in one of those categories. - J in Cowtown

  5. I'm so, so glad that you're okay...how horrible!

  6. i think the horribleness is sometimes not the accident but the disaster driving the other car. Lesson I learned a long time ago: the louder the other guy yells and carries on, the more he knows it was His Fault.

    Im glad you didnt have any lingering effects from it, other than a sense of outrage.


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