Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Almost into the Fourth

Happy Fourth, to people who celebrate it, Happy Wednesday to all other blogistas.

Since I live in a ferociously historic part of the US, surrounded by historical markers and battlefields and cannonball pocked churches -- Molly Pitcher plied her water bucket only a few minutes from here, George Washington marched up the road a few miles on the other side, for the Battle of Trenton, a pivot in the War of Independence,local churchyard full of names of the signers of the Declaration, all that, it's all very close up and personal.

I did all my socializing already, expecting stratospheric heat again tomorrow -- oh, and to those kind people inquiring anxiously if we have power, after the massive storms and heat stress on the grid and so on, the answer is: yes, we're blessed with an excellent power company, and so far have been just fine. Unlike about one million other East Coasters who are sweltering in 100 F heat, with no AC, and no other power either.
The lime squares went over a treat, by the way, and I've emailed a request to the recipe author seeing about whether she will post it. She's in the throes of writing a cookbook, and I didn't want to do anything without her knowing about it and deciding what was best.

Meanwhile, farmshare day today yielded perfect Fourth of July food: corn freshpicked, tomatoes, blueberries, cucumber. A friend had given me a quarter water melon. So, with my Bad Hot Dogs and all the stuff that goes with them, I am all set.

Good books, including Jeffrey Eugenides Marriage Plot, I must write about him soon, he's brilliant, and various detective books that don't matter. Some good detective movies, including Morse, and a corny old Scottish sitcom, Monarch of the Glen, fully of hoary old cliches (lords of the manor officially Scottish for hundreds of years, actually talk like very U public school Englishfolks, the peasants talk like Scots, you know the kind of thing)but the scenery's lovely.

Happy Day, everyone! fireworks, Sousa, all that. The Ds are doing something secret and patriotic, but I have not been let into it yet, have to wait.

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  1. Hot here too and supposed to be even worse tomorrow. Expect we'll likely get some storms out of this before it's over.


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