Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What to do in yet another heatwave, turtles and tees

Going up to 100F yet again this week, so there's a need to find something interesting to do that doesn't involve going outside.

So the turtle came out again, except that I think I brought on the heatwave, because I had put it away during the last one, figuring I'd wait till cooler weather before working in hot wool, and I did various other bits of stitching and art.  Brought it out the day before yesterday, and the mercury shot up immediately.  Oh well.

This irregular zigzagging will be blended into another color, rather close to this one, another green, and we'll see how it works out.  The original person who drew this out for me did it in a hurry, trying to take care of a lot of people fast, so I redrew it to straighten it out a bit.  The extra lines won't matter, since they'll disappear under stitching.

Then there was a need to slash and cut, so I got a couple of old tshirts which were too long for my taste, and
I just cut off a strip at the bottom, and like this much better.  The blue one (I happen to be wearing it right away, so you have a model showing this, interesting study in acrobatics, taking your own picture without a mirror, also had cuffs I didn't like so I cut them off, too.

Same with the yellow -- cut off the bottom, but I liked the sleeves already. 
The cut off bits have become hatbands, see one sample here.  And the slashing design I did by drawing the shapes on the wrong side of the fabric (I used geometric stencils) then cutting edge to edge to make a series of strips.  The blue one I did horizontally, the yellow one vertically, just to see how it went.  The nice part about tshirts is that you don't need to finish them, since they can't ravel.  Also they're fun to play with.  And my pix are not so good, so this will encourage readers to think heck I could do better than THAT, with or without a heatwave.  So this is all good.  In fact they look pretty sharp in action.

I have several I've stamped and/or embroidered at other times.  Tshirts are one of those here goes nothing kinds of activity, and life definitely needs them. Well, mine does!

Now I have to make a swift journey to the farm for my farmshare before coming home to play with my food.


  1. There's all sorts of clever things you can do with t-shirts. Once you've slashed them you can also crochet the slashes together to give a braided look. I might have to do a bit of playing myself.

  2. I've seen all sorts of fanciful stuff done with Ts, but I like your vertical slashes very much and can imagine using this on something of mine, perhaps where carelessness left a stain? I usually embroider a little flower over those bits, rendering the top usable again. Perils of having chesticles.

  3. Ahhhh - ventilated t-shirts! Perfect for the heat.


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