Thursday, July 5, 2012

Food ahoy! here come the lemon/lime squares, and copyright

Today's breakfast was blueberry oatmeal pancakes, wonderful blueberries from the farm, you can use any old pancake recipe, I guess, and if the berries are right, it will work.  Drizzle of good honey over it.  Perfect summer breakfast.

Picture shows MC's recipe card on top of the oatmeal pancake page, so you can scrutinize both. And I checked with the recipe writer, MC, who generously gave me permission to post the recipe for her lemon squares here.  These are the ones I varied, using lime juice, the other day, and several blogistas have inquired about it.  It's from a forthcoming book, whose completion date is well into the future,and since she says there will be plenty of other dessert recipes, she's fine with sharing this one as a kind of advance gift from her book.  She reads this blog, so will be happy with any comments this elicits, I expect.

This post entailed one of those roundabout procedures I specialize in:  I took the picture of MC's recipe card in my book, had to do that downstairs, because that was where the best light was and the camera, then put away the book and the recipe and came up to upload and write my blog. 

Then realized I shoulda brought the recipe with me, if you are to get anything remotely resembling the original, my memory tending not to run to entire recipe cards.  So I went back down, and closed the front door (usually open, storm door shut, to let light in).  And I noticed that the knob was loose again. 

So I went off to the kitchen and rummaged around my tool drawer, got the right screwdriver, special small one to navigate around knobs, tightened the knob, put back the SD into the drawer, trotted back upstairs.  And realized I now had to go down again and GET the recipe card...excellent aerobic exercise, this cooking business.

So here, finally, quick before I lose the card, it goes:

LEMON SQUARES (I subbed lime juice last time, worked fine, I guess orange would, too)

Heat oven to 350 degrees

1 cup flour, half cup butter, quarter cup confectioner's 10X (icing) sugar, 2 eggs, 1 cup granulated sugar, half teaspoon baking powder, quarter teaspoon salt, two tablespoons lemon juice (or lime, or maybe orange)

Blend flour, butter and confectioner's sugar. Press into 8x8x2 square cake pan, building up sides (this is to contain the topping you will pour in eventually)  Bake 20 mins.

While that's happening, beat all the rest of the ingredients together.  Pour over the now baked crust, bake 25 minutes more, or just till you touch the top and don't leave a fingerprint.

Take out of oven, cool, try not to scoff the lot before it cools.  Cut into 2 x 2 squares (this stuff is rich, you won't want big slices, just many small ones...)

Enjoy, and thank MC for your luck in getting this great recipe, which is actually fun to do.

On another issue entirely, I need to ask the cooperation of blogistas: if you happen to see any of my blogposts appearing on other blogs, with no attribution to me, please be aware they've been stolen.   I just discovered by accident yesterday an entire blogpost, my copyrighted words, pictures, pictures of Ds, my copyrighted art dolls, all swiped and appearing in another blog as if written there.  Nothing on my blog is ever to appear anywhere else, pictures, words, nothing, without getting my agreement ahead of time.

I did instantly challenge the transgressor on this occasion and he took it down without an argument, claiming that it was only a link!  I explained that a link directing people to my blog is very welcome, and generous, and quite different from taking my professional work and simply entering it in your own blog as your own.  Not sure he got it, but anyway, now he knows.  I put links in my own blog to other places now and then, as a courtesy driving traffic to other artists' blogs, so they get the hits on their own work.  When people do that for me, I love it.  That's different.
I mentioned earlier that MC gave me permission to post the recipe above, but please be aware that the copyright protection extends to that, too.  Her permission is for you to use and enjoy the recipe for yourself and family, not to swipe it and use it elsewhere.  She didn't mention this, but I thought it timely that these things, both permission for her recipe, and the swiping of a blogpost of mine, have happened over the course of a single day,and I may as well mention it here.

My request to blogistas, who all know all this stuff, most of us being very aware of copyright, and some of us even being lawyers and designers and folks like that, is, if you see anything that seems to be mine appearing anywhere other than here, would you please give me a headsup?  I'll take it from there, and I'll be very grateful for your eyes.


  1. Thank you MC and Liz for the recipe. I may get round to trying it one day.

    Dirty rotten scoundrel pinching your post. Glad you were able to do something about it without too much trouble.

  2. Thanks a million for the recipe! And I can't believe that people are so callous! Thankfully it was resolved. I'll keep my eye out for you!

    Will let you know how the squares go when i get a chance to do then. I think I have all the ingredients but I'll double check!

  3. Thank you for the lemon-y goodness recipe. I already know I will like it because I love anything that has citrus in it.
    As for the swiping of your blog post - it's amazing how bold some people can be. There's a whole debate going on right now about the use of Pinterest and how people are posting things on there with absolutely no permission granted from the originator. It's very upsetting and seems to be becoming more and more an issue.

  4. Have you ever added grated lemon rind to this recipe? I've written it down for my recipe box, thank you. And why would someone steal your blog postings? Some people are so strange. Good for you going after the scoundrel! J in Cowtown


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