Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Ds do their Bit

We Dollivers have been observing with simpa commizer, well, we have been sorry about things for Boud lately.  So, since she seems to be thinking Doing Stuff is a good thing at this time, we all thought we'd pitch in.

We arranged with Elton and his close friend LittleDoll, sorry, he renamed her, we didn't get a vote, to play along while we did this huge job of organizing the bookcases upstairs.  Some of them.  They get used a lot and the books and tapes never go back where they were, and you know how it is.

Still togged up for the Fourth, you lookin' at us? it's still July, feller,  here we are lugging and rearranging and generally being a terrific help in this occupational therapy.

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's Off to Work we Go, was the main theme, and Elton went into a medley of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, except it was dust, and Sixteen Tons, that was a heartfelt one. Anyway, we report that she seems to be doing better with all the work going on.


  1. Well done Dollivers..... and Elton.

  2. Tomorrow is "National Crème Brûlée Day", Ds. Should we anticipate a change of costume?

  3. Arghghg don't encourage them!

  4. Well, I must say it's nice to see you D's pulling your weight around the homestead. All those new duds you get have to be paid for somehow!


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