Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sometimes a treat helps

I was just thinking what would be a nice thing to do for myself right now, and concluded that sadness requires chocolate cake.  Not normally a big fan of chocolate at all, but just then a little baking seemed like a good plan.

So I made Wacky Chocolate Cake, which you've seen everywhere, usually called Crazy Cake or some other such insulting term. It's actually quite good and very easy, and deserves a better name.

I wondered briefly if I had the gitupandgo to make some sort of frosting, and idly leafed through recipes but even the simplest was more trouble than the cake itself, so I gave up and sprinkled some confectioner's sugar around.

I'm also revisiting The Provincial Lady, do this every couple of years, her various diaries too funny, and after I'd baked the cake and settled down with a slice, I picked up Provincial Lady in America, and instantly came upon this very appropriate comment: "almost every sorrow can probably be assuaged by a respectable meal. (Mem: try to remember this and act upon it next time life appears to be wholly intolerable.)"

Perfect timing. So that's where I am.


  1. I loved reading about your choccake, Liz, especially as I just stopped at the Japanese market for dinner and brought home a lovely chocolate pound cake for my guys (I'm not eating processed sugar just now, but I love enabling!) Yours is prettier :O)

  2. A Kimbly or Groaning Cake would have been more traditional, baked and given not only to women in labour but also for sad occasions. My go-to is a lemon loaf with lemon glaze. Looking at your chocolate creation I think I'm leaning in your direction. Chocolate is good for the heart, after all. J in Cowtown

  3. Wish I had thought of chocolate cake. Made a bow tie salad with kolbassa. Actually, brain on stun, enough to feed an army. Nephew A came by today and had 3 good helpings.

  4. Son stopped by to give me company yesterday, and ate quite a bit of the sausage veggie thing I had in the freezer. It didn't stay in there long!

  5. A nice meal or special foodie treat sounds like a grand plan when comfort is required. I wonder if your Wacky Cake recipe is something like my very easy chocolate cake recipe where all the ingredients are wacked together and never fail to please.

  6. Wacky cake (or derivative thereof) is a go-to in our house too. It's easy, minimal number of ingredients, and it tastes good with or without icing. Definitely good for the soul.


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