Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Workshop and breaking news on Canadian blog

Yesterday I taught a workshop to about 50 people of all ages (many small kids with moms in tow as assistants) in our summer community workshop program.  This was the XBook, making a book from a single sheet of paper.  We provided colored papers, markers, crayons, scissors, and I brought in my samples and stages to show and teach, and a bunch of nice eyelash yarn in brilliant colors to do the binding.  I figured that this was a good choice,small project, fairly easy to master, and then you can make multiples, just what kids like to do once they get going.

There was a great output of original ideas, and the library held onto samples from each participant, letting them take their favorites home, for use in publicizing the fall Festival of the Arts.  It's so wonderful for me, as one of the founders of the summer art program and the Festival, to see how merrily it's rolling along.

And the cadre of teen volunteers
is a huge part of why it was fun for me yesterday instead of frantic.  They met me early, I showed them the procedures with the book then when the crowds arrived,
they fanned out to make sure everyone was able to manage.  Teen heroes!  and they did cleanup too, cheerfully.

Some people worked right through cleanup!

This is just a sample of the output of the group
Breaking news on the blog front:  there's a great new blog, opened by a writer in Canada, known to you as Jean from Cowtown in my comments,  news, views and interesting material from Alberta,  and you must check this out: go here


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'll bet you've lit a creative fire in not only the group but the teen helpers too. Wonderful fun!

Minimiss said...

Looks like great fun and productivity was had by all.