Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fancy footwork

The red bag and the fuzzy scarfy thing made happy landings this week, both to people who were both surprised and quite glad about them! the new owner of the bag had to be assured I really did want to give it to her, and I heard her dashing about in the back room at the libe showing it to her friends. She tells me she plans on making a label for it indicating that this was once a sweater that (husband, name withheld to protect the guilty) put into a hot wash! she plans to dryclean the bag, but I assured her that after what it had been through in the felting process, it would be hard to hurt it further! I did keep the little cellphone purse for The Great Me, though.

And the scarf arrived on a day when if ever anyone needed a present, MC needed a present, so my timing was good there.

Working at intervals on the tapestry, and consulting with the local libe about one part of the summer program, which I am helping with by remote control (!) and trying to set up a good time to work in my studio with the Gold Award girl scout neighbor candidate.

However, there was tennis on yesterday, and knitting was called for, so I made the first of a pair of slippers, which I show you here.

It's a nice harvested wool, really intended to felt, but I think I won't since they fit as is, unless I decide to felt them and look for someone with smaller feet than mine, which is a lot of people, to give them. We'll see.

I guess my knitting put Roger Federer off, since he couldn't get arrested against Nadal, who blew him off the court. Sorry, R. Great stuff, other R.


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