Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Bells and Whistles!

The Dollivers pointed out that they have friends in whose time zone it is already Friday, the Big Wedding Day, and that since they have had the photo shoot booked for months, it is time to Just Do It.

So they hauled out the best tiaras, note the sapphire notes, in honor of Diana and now Kate, soon to be Katherine (that's not a very auspicious name for English queens, but let's not dwell on the fates of earlier ones..)not forgetting the puppy who wasn't too keen on his

and gold jewelry all round, and lace and frills, totally over the top, as most weddings are.

As they pointed out, it's not about Vows and Fidelity and Music and Food and Presents, it's actually about the hats and the dresses. And the flower arrangements, of course. There was a considerable press presence for the shoot, as you will see.

The Little Dolls got themselves accredited as foreign correspondents, and now Swiss Miss wants to be called India. They did decline to get dressed up, on the grounds that they are working this event, and need to be in working gear. But, in the tradition of journalists the world over, they made sure to have plenty of joyous alcohol on hand, as well as a wedding cake of their own.

The wine is rose, as a nod to the Queen, one of the few people in the world who is reported to be willing to drink Mateus Rose on purpose. This one's a California jug wine, but who's counting. And the brownie wedding cake, decorated with lace, is a good old US recipe, baked from scratch by Boud, since we have to have a bit of hands across the ocean here, and a shout from the colonies while we're at it.

First the group shots

Then the individual bouquet-holding portraits, as souvenirs for D fans, they explained.

Note the handmade chair throw, courtesy of Ari.

And the foreign correspondents party it up a bit

before getting serious and doing their stand up in front of the cameras

Long day, and everyone is now resting quietly, and recovering from being the main event of the day.


  1. Bravo! Thank you for these beautiful and droll festivities. They both sate and fuel my royal wedding hunger very nicely. I think I will find something sapphire for Buff to wear as we watch.

  2. Great fun. I presented my group with Fascinators to wear while watching the wedding.

  3. Very stylish outfits for the Ds. I especially like the individual portraits. I hope you didn't drink too much of the rose during the wedding.



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