Friday, April 22, 2011

The Dollivers wish us all a happy Easter

The Ds could not wait any longer to parade their new Easter outfits, so while puppy Olivier was left in charge of guarding this year's blown and painted Easter eggs

the Ds. got all dolled (!) up in their matching duds. Overcoming their objections to looking like quintuplets, all the same color, on the grounds that they all look different and so do their hats and their dresses and what do they want of my life, I secured their consent to pose at the Easter egg display.

They were happy to note that there were more Ds. than eggs, which will cut down on the strife, and the Lenox kitten and Boehm bunny made their annual appearance, along with the Wedgwood teacup and saucer complete with blown and painted cockatiel eggs, from my dear E.H. cockatiel.

Happy Spring to everyone, whether or not Easter is a feature of your season, and happy new clothes, too!


  1. The Dollivers are obviously dressed to the nines for the occasion - love those Easter bonnets!

  2. If the Dollivers sit on those eggs long enough will the eggs hatch new Dollivers, or doesn't it work that way?

  3. Happy Easter to you, Liz! Thought I should pay an Easter visit to see what you were up to :)

  4. Happy Easter to you too Liz. Love this year's batch of eggs - very pretty. I hope you're able to make some respite arrangemnts before too long. Take care.


  5. Thanks everyone! we did have a nice day.

    Ari, the Ds. wish to point out, with dignity and restraint, that you seem to have confused them with the Easter Bunny who does in fact lay eggs. At least they think so. They're too busy to check right now, what with the wedding outfit fittings and all.


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