Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Journal updates and other exciting things

Main news today: the Nautilus journal has completed its pole to pole leg, and is in the hands of Marrianne in NZ!! from Alaska, that is. Then it comes back to me and the last couple of participants are so local to me that I'll hand deliver and collect, probably. Treasure Everywhere, the other journal, is I think on its way to the Bay Area from Vancouver, next stop Alaska, then to me, then I'll take care of the NZ leg.

I can't wait to see what's up with them! and to take pix of all the contributions.

The other news is that this blog has passed its 13,000 viewing mark, and that the art blog, Art the Beautiful Metaphor is already closing in on 500. Just a little bragging, between stints of dealing with the bridal outfit fittings for the Ds and their dog. Temperament, you've never seen anything like it.

One wants to echo the military uniform motif, one wants a greco-roman effect, one doesn't care as long as she gets a tiara, and on and on....we will survive.

Ironic comment of the week: SO says, oh, I hope you remember about the wedding and don't miss it! As if it would be possible to miss it even if you don't remember. Gosh, it's all well here's the news from Syria, oh sorry, newsflash about K's hairstylist...back to Syria, oh, sorry, now it's the dressmaker...


  1. Great--my blog readership is giving me a birthday present of a nice big round number--Its nice to see the visits rack up, isn't it?

  2. would you send me the address of your other blog?

    and the photos of the gardens and flowering trees are beautiful.

  3. My page is complete and the journal will be back in the mail on Monday.

    Congratulations of more that 13000 visits. Nice to know that so many people enjoy your blogs.



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