Sunday, April 10, 2011

Doctor Dolliver Does Grand Rounds

So it came about that I had to get some checkups done, and Dr. Dolliver, who declined to be the patient in the scenario, on the perfectly correct grounds that she is not at all patient, accompanied me. She agreed with my real Doctor, the saintly Dr. G., that I am in good health, considering what the Ds put me through, and that I can just give them samples of various body fluids and we can agree to get on with our lives for a few more months.

Dr. D. did decline to go into the lab with me on the ground that they have needles in there, and I can attest to the accuracy of this statement, but wanted to see if she could get a ride in a chair.

I can haz a ride?

No D sized chairs available, so she sighed and agreed to drive home instead.


  1. I'm with Dr. D as far as avoiding the lab is concerned - not at all keen on needles and relinquishing my vital body fluids. Glad to hear you have been declared hale and hearty.


  2. Dr. Dolliver is wimpy. Always has been. Face it, it's not normal to have to ask someone else to squeeze the ketchup on to the fries and then to have to look away while it's happening.


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