Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cherry Blossom Time

Yesterday's warm weather and sun and a bit of rain opened up the blossoms on the cherry bushes out front, both of them. So I just had to get a blossom portrait, front and side, to show the potential harvest this year.

Last year, the first year we had fruit, I picked about seven cherries, which we ate with great ceremony. This year I confidently anticipate doubling that harvest, unless the birds notice them first.

New Jersey's Finest Cherry Bushes, side view

New Jersey's Finest Cherry Bushes, front view

Now, you could say that little things please little minds. Or you could say that small is beautiful. I'm voting for the second.


  1. Seven cherries (or 14!) are better than NO cherries! Nice of the birds to share.

  2. Nothing like fresh produce from your own garden. Fingers crossed for more than the 7 or 14. We are currently enjoying raspberries. Our first crop and doing very nicely too.


  3. we've yet to eat a single cherry from a tree we planted 6 years ago, the birds get there first. We are fortunate that our neighbours have 2 trees that overhang our garden and they are always laden


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