Saturday, April 16, 2011

Signs of Spring

First, Happy Passover to dear blogistas who celebrate it, thinking of you specially, Diane, and your spinach quiche. Not usually the first thought suggested by Passover, but it's in my mental recipe file, thanks to you.

No, the first thought, to this Gentile, anyway, is matzo!

HS, during his college years, shared a suite with students whose mothers were keen donors of matzo and other foodstuffs to him whenever they visited, which was a lot. He'd come home for Easter loaded with edible items!

And please note the new addition to the D repertoire: the Traveling Rug, aka dishcloth, created and gifted by Knits by Ari, and seized on instantly by Michelle.

I will be very lucky if this item sees the kitchen. She's hanging on to it.

Much to HP's amusement, as you can see from even his back view!

And the next thing is the realization that if Passover is here can Easter be far behind...this year it's a week later, which is good because I am far from ready to do anything about it yet. It was only when MC noted that next weekend she throws a bash for thousands, aka her in-laws, that I realized...

Gosh, there are the D Easter outfits, and then the D wedding outfits, I wonder if they will agree to wear the Easter stuff know, the bridesmaid dress idea in reverse. Except that nobody ever wears the bridesmaid dress again, so I do not have high hopes of this resolution.

The wedding headpieces are done and hidden, so that they don't get worn out before the day. And I have to think about Easter food for the actual humans around here.

These are dumplings, ham and spices, but they're gone...

There was a great story this morning of a young black bear up a tree locally, at the entrance to the NJ Turnpike. He was causing a stir right where all the traffic enters the highway, so the local firefighters and and wildlife people were summoned, tranquillized the bear with a dart, spread a net under the tree ready to catch him when he dozed off and fell down,and waited. And waited. Hours. He fell asleep nicely wedged in a fork of the tree, smart bear, perfectly comfortable. They had to go up and collect him in a bucket thing, and he's now residing in a local wildlife refuge.

This is another sign of spring around here, young male black bears being turned out by their moms to go find their own territory and a mate. They follow the waterways, which nowadays run under major highways, so every spring we have stories like this. Nowadays the local police are wiser about handling this, nobody gets hurt and the bear gets rehomed in a better location than up a tree on a major highway. Not a good dating site, really.

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  1. Thanks for the "shout out", Liz. Passover has come and gone now and I'm no worse for the wear. ;-)

    I took a little over a week off so I could enjoy the holidays and I'm all rested and swamped with work.

    Hope you had a terrific Easter.


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