Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mon petit chou!

A concentrated bout of chopping and slicing and rinsing and organizing and marinating and sauteeing in the kitchen today gave me some wonderful visual experiences. Always a good way to look on that sort of dull work. Salads prepared for the next few days -- homemade mix of chicory, dandelions, scallions and red cabbage this time around. Lovely red snapper for lunch with a nice but easy sauce. All good stuff.

Meanwhile, the art of food as always gets in there, and the red cabbage posed nicely for several portraits:


Landscape in miniature

Posing like a Victorian posy, who says cabbage doesn't have a sense of humor

You can use chunks of red cabbage as printmaking stamps. Great fun for little kids, using poster paint. And you can use the landscape effect of tumbling the parts together for drawing practice, contour drawing, the art version of walking the labyrinth, for older people such as The Great Me.

Not a bad haul of advice from a humble little veggie, when you think about it.

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  1. I like your pictures, Liz.

    I like red cabbage raw, but cooked cabbage of any color smells up the kitchen.


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