Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday in the kitchen with Boud

Simple food for one today.

Breakfast, pancakes (with a drop of almond essence in the batter, very nice the second day), wildflower honey,  with farm-raised fried egg. Pot of English Breakfast tea. 

Pancake batter mixed previous evening because I had an urge to eat a pancake.  The teapot is one I bought myself to help get through the election season, and it worked pretty well.

Lunch, my favorite of all pastas, orzo, boiled with turmeric in the salted water, tossed with a carrot pesto (just a regular pesto except carrots blended in instead of green herbs) and mixed with baby bellas sauteed in butter and olive oil with a pinch of cloves.  Pesto supply from freezer, mushrooms prepped and in freezer.

Afternoon snack toasted banana bread, golden raisins and walnuts,  with small pot of Vietnamese coffee.  

Bread from freezer, of course. The pot is new, same design as the little teapot, with strainer basket dropped in, and I decided that the ugly little plastic pot I'd been using had run its course and I was worth a nice new pot dedicated to coffee. I drink it very strong, but not very much. This is its maiden voyage, and God bless all who drink from her.  

Note the different milkjugs from breakfast to afternoon!  this is a four star townhouse, this is.  The afternoon one's a Wedgwood Queensware, considerably upscale from the pressed glass one on the breakfast tray, but I like all my pitchers.

All this prepping meant that it took only a couple of minutes to assemble some great food. Suits me on the many days I don't feel like fooling with cooking but still need, oddly enough, to eat.

There's still supper to think about later, but that might be mango yogurt with sliced almonds and blueberries from the freezer.

I have to get around to baking some bread, but some days I don't feel like doing it. Pancakes are the current bready item. Some days it's hot biscuits.  And I think I'll make soup tomorrow.  There's still plenty of soup season left even though it's officially Spring.

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