Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ballet Shoes? not quite..

The weather, high winds, low temps, are causing me to keep warm at home, knitting, baking banana bread for tea, grumbling, domestic life, oh well.

And here are the slippers I just started, must cast on the second before I fall prey to SSS, second slipper syndrome.  That's where you never get around to casting on the second one.  Applies to socks, too.

It's a great little pattern, made several pairs of these for friends as well as me, very satisfying to make. Using up some acrylic yarn on these, since they need to wear pretty well.  It's Aunt Maggie's Slippers, from Bevs Country Cottage website, here

Not quite ballet slippers, except they're pink and they have little square toes.  There the resemblance ends.
And here's the banana bread, cooling for afternoon tea.  With walnuts and golden raisins.

It's a consolation for not being out and about.


  1. You are certainly getting good value from that beautiful cast iron baking pan!

  2. I have made loads of those, great as guest slippers if you don't want people tramping over your floors in their outdoor shoes

  3. Lovely slippers! The bread looks good too. A cozy time aat your house :)

  4. That loaf looks very tasty. The slipper thing must be genetic - I've been knitting pocket book slippers (Mary Jane's) while trappped in the house with freezing rain this winter.

  5. Are those the ones that are a sort of square until you stitch them up and add a strap? I made some of them a while back, and crocheted the straps while wearing them, to get the fit! I thought it was a good idea, but some people fell about laughing. Like laying track while driving the train.

  6. Great slippers! Perfect for toting about with you too - much simpler than carrying shoes or more bulky sorts of slippers.

  7. Regarding SSS, a 90 year old friend who used to own a yarn store, has a cure for this:

    Knit the second sock first.

    You're welcome ;-)


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