Saturday, March 4, 2017

Indian treats, date jam and March 'nations

Today was one of those days where you need a flexible approach to life.  I had sort of planned on going to a special lecture on Palestinian costume and embroidery, then the weather turned so bitter I was afraid I would have trouble breathing, what with the wind and all.

So I was wondering about this, then a friend stopped in, newly back from India full of news of relatives and parties and bearing a box of special Indian treats she knows I love.  One's gone already before the pic happened.

While she was in mid chat, another friend stopped in to return a dish in which I'd given him fruit crumble some time ago, and stayed to join in the convo.  Very good time had by all, and I seized the day to give them both some banana chutney I've been planning on giving.  Food just whizzes back and forth in this neighborhood.

Then he left and she and I talked resistance training, no, not the political stuff I've been doing, the free weight type.  And she was stunned to find out I lift more than two pounds...but while we were at it, I showed her how to do resistance whole-body safe stuff on the stairs.  And she cracked me up by making a video of it to share with her husband so they can both do it!  The inadvertent movie I didn't ask to see it, bad enough seeing still pix of self.

Then by the time they'd left, I was out of time, also peopled out. I can only take on so much people exposure daily, but they had priority.  Hoping to see some people tomorrow who might have gone to today's event, anyway.

So got down to the other plan for the day, making date jam.  Wanted to make some little preserve ahead of friend coming to visit next week, and date and apple seemed good.  The apples were in the freezer, all prepped, so I just cut down the dates, put dates and apples, random amounts, really, in pan with some added water, shake of really good cinnamon, not that supermarket stuff, shake of vanilla essence.  

Brought to the boil, down to simmer, cooked for about 35 minutes, spooned into redhot sterilized jar, which had been in boiling water all the while the jam was cooking.  Done.

You will note that there's no added sugar in this jam.  Dates and apples are already packed with fructose, no need for it.  I just read a book by a big alternative fact merchant on how she went without sugar for a year.  

I read with interest wondering how she managed it, and found out she had made massive use of glucose -- SUGAR, and dextrose -- SUGAR!  All she did without was a range of prepared other forms of sugar.  Very far from sugar free.

No need for me to pile on, though, since I found a raft of messages to her from people who know all about this stuff kindly explaining that she's totally wrong, and is no chemist, nor nutritionist. So I figured my opinion was out there enough, no need for more. But I'm just sayin, that's all, mumble, mumble.

And I did get out for a brief errand, after I finished fussing about the sugar lady,  despite knifing wind, because I was out of, gasp, wine!  And milk. And while I was there, flowers. I organize flowers for the house on the first of the month, a New Year's resolution which is pretty easy to keep, and very good for my spirits at this time of year.  Poked about in the flower department, and came out with pink flowers, protest pink!  

I don't like it at all when people abbreviate flower and other names, chrysanthemums to mums, computers to 'puters, please.  However, can't beat em, join em, so, to show I can be as annoying as the next, here are my pink 'nations...

Some baking tonight, I think, and some Alan Rickman watching, great youtube link from K, she is always showing me stuff I really ought to know already and don't, and it's v. cool. In fact why don't I show you the link, too, instead of just wittering on about it.


  1. I hope that lady listened to the good advice. And I do hope someone told her that sugar as such is not bad for you, it won't cause cancer, or give you diseases. If that were so my friends and I would have died of Sugar Induced something or other by the time we were twelve. Wait until she figures out what carbs turn into when they're digested...

    Your 'Nations are lovely, by the way. And much prettier for the full name.

  2. Everything in moderation! I love sugar and use some, not tons. Also honey and molasses, and maple syrup. In moderation. I think it's unwise to chase down one item to abolish it, since we are omniverous beings. I don't like red meat, so don't eat it, but no need to write books about why! Food gets political in no time instead of being a lovely pleasure of life.

  3. You had a very full day, I'd say! The kind I like too, full of small putterings, visits and such. Not much visiting happens back in these hills though. The neighbors are good people but too church-oriented and fundamentalist for me to have much in common with them. Most visits with them include invitations to church which I have been politely turning down for 40 years. So it can get lonely back on this hill. Thank goodness for my online friends like you :)


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