Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mobius cowl and backyard birds

Yesterday's snow and ice storm, and the ice sticking around today both caused indoor work to get going.  Also outdoor work, hungry birds ripping at the suet feeders to fuel up.

I've been seeing red bellied woodpeckers frequently, one at a time, but studied them and decided it was a pair, taking turns.  The male has a bigger red hat than the female.  They're very quick to take off if they spot me, so this is the best I could do, after many tries! The bird is on the lower feeder, not the bright red one.

The nice part about the feeder is that they have to cling on and curl the tail up to balance, so you get a view of the red feathers on their belly, a great help in identifying.  Then today both arrived together, yay, and it was indeed a pair.  The male snarled at the female who retreated to a nearby branch waiting for him to leave.  Then a starling started on him, and after he'd rapidly eaten a bit more, he too vanished, into the trees out back. I'm hoping for nesting there.

After all the bigger birds had gone, the patient Carolina wrens took over the feeder, definitely a pair, and hoping for nesting there, too. They were the first to realize that the red feeder was full of good stuff, and the other birds have caught on from them.

Meanwhile, back on this side of the window, knitting happened, 

and next time Handsome Son comes over, he will pick up his own Mobius cowl (which I call a scarf for him, thinking that cowl may sound girly!)  I did it again in Shaker stitch, and you see how nicely the edges roll over. This is acrylic, his choice, easy to wash etc. It can be arranged in any number of ways, depending on the weather and wind.

Over in beautiful metaphor, you'll see a lot of studio activity, too, ahead of the residence series in April.  Great fun to have a destination for art.  And, since I've done my current bit for Creative Collective, writing the pr for both upcoming shows, and providing my bio and label information to the right people, I'm free to make my own stuff again without thinking about deadlines for other items.

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  1. Looks to be a very cozy cowl/scarf! Always special to knit for someone else and have the gift appreciated by recipient :)


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