Monday, March 20, 2017

Dolliver Towers, new construction chez Boud

Everyone in the news seems to have towers to their names, some of them golden, even, and the Dollivers have been getting restless about being set on the spare room bed when they ought to be getting their own building, at the least.

So, yesterday the parts for Dolliver Towers arrived, and the Ds went to work to get construction completed

Here's the Team Lift under way as per the instructions

with Blondie Firstborn pointing out that she can't lift when other Dollivers are sitting on the bit she's lifting

then came the reading of the instructions and the finding of the parts, and the getting squashed under them and finally the construction, and the installation of the entire collection in their new digs.

 They took over the penthouse and made the others squash into lower floors. Except for the bed doll, who is too tall for a lower floor, and needs the headroom afforded by a penthouse suite.

Duncan is happy with this development, since it leaves the bed for him, his favorite afternoon nap place when the sun comes in.

However, I'm keeping quiet about it, since the friend who was suggesting ways of displaying the dolls also said that if I found anything that worked she was going to give me more porcelain dolls she's had stored away for ages...just what I needed.  She pointed out that this would solve her storage problem for the dolls!
I'm trying not to acquire at this point, even lovely stuff as hers no doubt is. I have to admit nothing ends up in the landfill..

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