Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fast breaking news everywhere, including upcoming events for me, but meanwhile..

There's always cake.  To be exact, Blueberry Snacking Cake, a variation on Melissa Clark's recipe.  You can find this online.

Always turns out well, and today's blueberries burst in the cake very pleasingly, and now it looks like a constellation cake!  The gap you see on one corner is the cook's privilege. Two privileges, but who's counting.

She uses brandy, I used red wine, not having any spirits available, ever, really, and she uses Demerara sugar, and again, not having it, I used regular white granulated. She uses figs, and I didn't.  It still comes out well.  And when you see two whole sticks of butter, whoa, a lot, but this 18 x 12 cake makes about 30 slices, more if you're stingy.  So the butter divided across that many isn't a lot after all.  And it uses whole wheat flour. One instruction I particularly like is where she says to "nestle" the fruit on top of the batter.  The nestling part is good.

I separated out a little group to freeze for some future teaparty. I finally realized that I can do this, then not have all the work to do right before the little event. And it is little. One guest!  I like to chat and listen at whatever length the guest likes, and I think it's a sort of interval in busy lives for the people who've accepted. And they get to wander about looking at what's on the walls, no need to be polite.

This one was baked in an interval of great art related busyness, everything happening at once,  more about that later, when things have fewer moving parts.  I swear one day I will retire, but then I wonder what I'd do if I didn't have unnerving things coming at me all the time...I may never know.  This is not in the nature of a complaint, more like humble bragging, really!

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