Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fish and chips, what a Brit! 6WS

Yesterday Handsome Son came to dinner, and had what you could call fish and chips, again, but it always goes well. Especially since it was at short notice.

This time it was a nice piece of flounder, with a  marinade of plain yogurt blended with Dijon mustard and Colman's dry.  Then added in some extra flavoring I had in the freezer, fish sauce from an earlier meal, and it worked a treat.  Then after this pic, pretty much smothered the fish in the sauce.  Or enrobed it, if you like fancy cookspeak.

With roast potatoes mixed with all the usual spices, but with the addition of a little dish of spiced radish salad, courtesy of Indian friend, all mixed in and roasted together. And peas, and nice glass of red.  I interrupted Handsome Son's meal to take the pic before I forgot. He's very patient.

 I recommend this idea, of mixing some very spicy addition to potatoes, comes out more interesting.  And since both the potatoes and the fish go in at 400F, the fish for half the time of the spuds, it works well with the oven, too.

Served after carrot and cabbage and chicken soup, and before banana bread with a pot of tea.  Followed by an Agatha Christie dvd.

Before he left he noticed the latest slippers in progress, I seem to urgently need slippers to match my blue robe as well as the pink ones, and promptly dashed up the the stash, picked out an exciting grey yarn, and ordered a pair for himself. 

So I traced around his foot on a piece of paper, and he wondered if I needed to trace the other foot, as well, for left and right. It reminded me of the question about when you turn the elbow if you're knitting a sleeve. Well meaning, good thinking, but a non- knitter at work. 

Oh, and Bev, from whose website I got the free pattern, came in to Rav to explain to me that there really was an Aunt Maggie, and she really did design these slippers.  Bev transcribed from her handwritten pattern, and published, to share and to honor her.  So I'm glad to know all that. She's long gone, but we still honor her when we knit her slippers.


  1. I ought to make myself another pair of felted slippers - so much fun, and the first pair were so thick and warm! This winter I made the mistake of thinking they had been as felted as they could possibly be, and threw them in a wash. Now half of one former slipper has become a very sturdy catnip mouse, and there will be three more to follow as needed.

  2. Must convince the resident chief cook that fish & chips need to be on the menu soon - haven't had any for awhile and you've started a craving.


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