Monday, November 14, 2016

The Safety Pin Movement and more protest knitting

One of the challenges which will face us in the coming few years is to maintain the alertness to injustice we might see around us, between changing federal legislation and the everyday prejudice which has taken on a new lease of life thanks to recent speechmaking. Right now it's easy to be indignant, especially as we see the cabinet unfolding in DC, but keeping it up is a longer challenge.

One thing I've done is to become one of the people who will daily wear a safety pin, on my coat.  This movement started in the UK after Brexit, when there was a similar wave of hate speech and action toward minorities.  The symbol is one of safety, that the wearer is friendly to all minorities, religious, racial, gender based, no matter, and that goodwill can be expected from her. Simple quiet but eloquent.

So here's my coat now, and the pin will stay on it.  Would you consider joining this quiet movement?  you join by putting on a pin, that's it.  And no matter where we live, it's good to declare our willingness to tolerate and embrace all other people.  This includes people I might fervently disagree with.  I may try to persuade them to see other ideas, but I will do so agreeably and without resorting to self righteousness in the process.  And I'll try to see their viewpoint, even when it's hard to do. Anyway, that's the goal.

At home, the protest knitting  goes on, and I will soon be making contact so as to have a way of distributing these items as they are made.  A better name for these gloves is handwarmers, I think, and this current pair will work for men, too. I have a big hand for a woman, so my gloves would fit a man up to medium men's size, and stretch a bit further than that, too.

Handsome Son was puzzled about the protest name, and wondered if there was something about the pattern that expressed a protest!  I explained that no, it was just the act of doing and giving them that was the protest. It's not secret messages knitted in or anything.


  1. as soon as I find the pin Om planning to wear, I own it. =) Id be curious to see if anyone in this area will do the same.

  2. I will be 'pinning' tomorrow, for sure. I have been so horrified to read the stories that are coming out about by the prejudice that is rearing its ugly head since the election. This has caused such a gigantic set back to any sort of racial equality and I fear it will only get worse. I'm afraid for the children that already have to deal with so much bullying in the schools - now it will be totally out of control. All in all, it's a horrible thing.


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