Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mourning in America. The Dream Deferred.

So this post is different from the post I thought I would be able to write.  Many dreams swept away at the ballot box.  Many fears among my friends working in homeless shelters and other agencies whose funding is already difficult and may get more so.  Many fears among friends fearful of backlash against the rights gay people have finally begun to secure.  Many fears among people like me who don't "talk American", who get aggressive responses already from certain folks the minute we speak.

But over and above all the fears, one great source of pride:  even though the winner of the popular vote did not win the position, even though there has been great bitterness throughout the campaign, still, still, the transition will be a peaceful one. 

Handled with grace by loser and even, to my surprise, honestly, by winner, too, with the sitting President gently moving things along on the side of peaceful acceptance, we will get through this without taking the low road.

The Dollivers had dressed in the white purple and gold of the women's suffrage movement (white also the color for the British suffragettes who were imprisoned for their activities).  And rather than pantsuits, they opted for the historical long dresses and sashes, and hats, to honor women who've gone before us.  Ready for a party that didn't happen.  But they still plan to continue in these outfits to Thanksgiving at least, to give thanks that we did have a woman candidate on the ballot at last.  One of ours. The first of many!

And win or lose, Hillary's still a star, as are all the brave women who fight without losing heart for our rights and the wellbeing of our country.  Elton already wears white, and got a purple and gold hat to honor men who support the achievements of women.

So he played us out with the theme from Our Town, quiet music, no singalong this time. 


  1. The party can still happen. Hillary took a hit from a guy with no scruples whatsoever, and nearly made it. She's tough, and now and then funny, and handles herself well. I don't like her, necessarily, but I do admire her more than I did.
    We tried, Liz.

    What I am finding strangely interesting, im seeing a lot of online people saying, now, that if Bernie Sanders had been pushed a little harder he could have beaten Trump. Not a word about Hillary who took it all the way to the edge of the cliff...
    And dont forget on the 14th is a supermoon to end all supermoons. Apparently. And thanksgiving. And the darkest part of the year (make a metaphor out of it if you will) is nearly over. Six weeks.

  2. The Dollivers are sitting on great crochet created by women generations ago. Quiet tribute there.

  3. Mourning indeed - not necessarily because Hilary is overly loved, but because of the willingness of the American people to applaud what/who is basically nothing more than a buffoon. Mind you...he's a wily fox-like buffoon. I hate to think what will happen to the world with him being leader of one of the most powerful countries. I just pray, for the sake of all, that he won't lead the world into a third world war.

  4. I think I'll be blogging photographs for a while. Than goodness for twitter though!

  5. Photography can be very healing. Especially looking in on the world of a goat keeper without actually having to do the work. Pix aplenty please.


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