Thursday, November 10, 2016

Protest knitting

So it's the next day now, and plans are afoot.  Aside from various comments and encouragements I'm putting out there in the world, to people dismayed by the outcome of the election. I'm embarking on practical protest work.  

This consists of taking care of people who may be hardest hit in a new administration which plans tax cuts, and which will therefore probably create cutbacks in social supports.

So, donation off this morning to Meals on Wheels, and another pair of warm fuzzy mitts started, these, now that Handsome Son and I are both supplied, are for giving to other people who need them. Winter's coming on, and a lot of seniors get very cold hands.  This yarn is soft and warm, and there will probably be a keyhole scarf to go with, if the yarn holds out.

The mitt design is similar to the one I used to make Handsome Partner several pairs, which he was so happy with.  Warmer hands in the house, and he could eat and turn pages and pick up pens and so on, wearing them.  So I figured there are other folks not far from here who could use them, too.  I have a small stash to knit down.

I have in mind some local people living alone and in poor health, senior or not, and this little bit of comfort might be acceptable. Anyway, this is the current state of the protest movement chez Boud.

 Reminds me of the story of the shrimp and the kid. You know the one?  kid walking along the beach, sees a stranded shrimp, picks it up carefully and tosses back into the water.  Friend says, what's the point? one shrimp? what difference does that make? Kid replies, made a lot of difference to that shrimp.

So I guess my protest knitting is a handup to a shrimp. And it's local shrimp I plan to help, they being as needy as anyone elsewhere on the planet, and in danger of being needier.


  1. Good idea Liz. I'm keeping calm and knitting tiny mice.
    Still need to calm down a bit more, it took me three attempts to type that one little sentence.
    Also while knitting the mice (too many stitches, then too few and its only 18 rows) I found myself reverting to that old curse word "shite!" more than once.
    Whaddya mean "calm down". Heh!

  2. I ought to learn to make these mitts.

  3. Google on Life in Cleveland mmmalabrigo glovies and you can see the pattern. Fun to make. I expect you could use a small circ if you don't like dpns

  4. Right now I'm trying my best to avoid listening to the news programs - too much doom and gloom and dire predictions. Instead I spend my time in my sewing room creating a special advent calendar for my grandson, with a foray to the store to fill a couple of shoeboxes for Samaritan's Purse. Perhaps those will brighten the lives of a couple of children. Yes, throwing a single shrimp into the water is what we all need to do right now.


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