Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day, and the roof came off

What with all the existential anxiety around this most stressful campaign in recent memory, this was the morning the roofers arrived to tear off my roof.  Debris raining down all morning, decorating the cherry tree

 and the patio

Heavy equipment all around us 

Next door neighbor came in to check I was okay, and we had a brief anxious convo about the election results.

I tweeted my feelings about this year's election to the Brian Lehrer show here on wnyc public radio, and as I was moseying about doing Dolliver related things I heard him read it on his radio program. Particularly moving, since I referred to my Mom, early and dedicated feminist.

So the destruction overhead seems emblematic of what's going on around here in general, but destruction precedes creation, so hope springs eternal.  In both realms.  Let's hope our country gets its renovation going.

The Dollivers are agitating for outfits reflecting the historic occasion, and they will make an appearance as part of the celebration they plan, eternal optimists, so watch this space later this evening..

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