Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Meal for One, last minute thought

Today being dark and rainy and generally gloomy outside, it called for something hot and interesting to eat for supper.  So I made a greedy meal for one, one helping only, nothing to share, and it was good enough to tell about.  

It was a shiitake mushroom, grape tomato and two kinds of cheese pepper jack and sharp cheddar, bake, with an egg broken over it. 20 minutes at 385F in a glass dish, and it was ready.  

Before and after cooking pix. 

 Before shows the whole tomatoes, definitely better than cutting them up and losing the flavor in the cooking.  Cheese cubes about the same size as tomatoes, so all the ingredients are basically same size, so cooking will work best.

 Here, after cooking,  the tomatoes have exploded a bit, the cheese has melted, the egg cooked, and the flavor was great.

The tomatoes were in the freezer since July, from the farmer's market, and if you do this, the flavor is just like summer.  I froze them immediately I got them home.  No need for any seasoning with this meal. The mushrooms were cooked for Tgiving, and saved out, and the cheeses and tomatoes were enough flavor, along with that.  Plus a nice farm egg.

All in all, this is worth trying.  Over a couple of slices of homebaked wholewheat toast.  Accompanied by a glass of prosecco, which cheered me up no end. 

As did a visit yesterday from a friend to whom I'd given some Thanksgiving sponge candy.  She's Indian and we are constantly educating each other about various food items.  It's the place where we intersect best.  

And she said they were at a bit of a loss, since I didn't give any instructions with this box.  Usually, she pointed out, I say to nuke for 25 seconds or something, when it's a baked thing, but how to eat this?  I just said pick up a piece and bite!  it's like a candy bar, big enough for several bites, and better fun than breaking it up.  So she bustled off to try it out!  So now I know I should have included instructions. Reminds me of my first digi camera, which I loved because the first instruction in the box was: take camera out of box!

This post has been an exercise in multitasking, with many Skype messages to respond to, coming in at exactly the same time as uploading, labeling, writing and switching back and forth.  I must reread to make sure I don't have two streams of consciousness bumping into each other here.  I expect it's all good for brain power.  Or something.

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