Thursday, November 3, 2016

National Coping with Stress Day

Apparently today is about coping with stress.  And the prime suggestion is to get out of doors and seek peace in the scenery there.

So here's what's happening out of doors around here, where my roof is being torn off

Just sayin'


  1. oh my goodness. Was it really necessary? That does seem a bit much, especially in the dead of november...

  2. We're replacing all the roofs and wood siding in the entire development, urgently needed and overdue. In fact this is prime reno, roadwork etc time here, weather still mild and fairly dry. It's just noisy and I wish it were done! I'm one of the prime movers in getting this to happen, years of pressure on the Board, large loan and service now in place etc.

    But I reserve the right to whine all the same!

  3. Whining is allowed. Hopefully the dastardly deed will be done in record time and the din above your head will diminish.


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