Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Stars Look Down

So the stars arrived from Quinn, whose blog here is hugely worth a visit.  She wrangles goats and harvests their cashmere, as well as dyeing and knitting and gardening and generally taking care of the earth and her readers, with great good humor considering how hard she's working, particularly in this savage winter.  And you have to go there to find out why her blog is named Comptonia, what it is. She's an expert on trees and greenlife.

This was my  lucky random drawing from the Grow Your Blog Party, and is a great idea, because the stars are handmade by Mongolian women as an income source, and a way of protecting the snow leopards in their area from being hunted.  There's a Snow Leopard trust you can check out, too,  go here to see why this is such a good idea.

Meanwhile, the Dollivers realized that their stardom had finally been recognized, and since they have evidently been staying up late and going next door to watch old time musicals, they put on a Busby Berkeley circle kickline to celebrate their status. 

Call Me Michelle instantly took her sorority colors, pink and green, and the others got to choose theirs.

Elton was recruited to play a medley of musical selections ranging from Stars in Your Eyes, Stars Fell on Alabama, Twinkle Twinkle, to A Sky Full of Stars, and he threw in Moon River, since we were all up in the air anyway.

And since it's always interesting to see backstage, here's a view of the technical setup for this highly professional photoshoot.

After the show, the stars took up residence in the downstairs bathroom, which is actually a small art gallery full of small pieces and mementos of friends and pets who've gone before us, and experiments in paper shapes, and mobiles and wire drawings.


  1. It's so nice to see the Dollivers working in a happy collaboration! Art really does bring us together ;)
    And I love your decor - someday I may knock on your door, asking to use the bathroom. It reminds me of another artist-friend's bathroom, which is - honestly - a difficult room to leave.
    Also, gosh, thanks for all the nice words about Comptonia. Based on the comments from readers, I think my subtitle or motto might be: "I raise goats so you don't have to." ;)

  2. Must say it was interesting to see how the photo shoot was accomplished. I'm afraid of heights so any photos I took would be shaky due to my knocking knees.

  3. am so happy to see the dollivers with their 'stars'. They look to be in perfect synchrocity~~

  4. What a beautiful display by the Dollivers, and a wonderful story behind the stars :)


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