Sunday, March 8, 2015

Freecycle to celebrate the change of the hour

In fact I get all of a doodah when the hour changes.  At least my electronic gear changes its own clocks. This time I forgot to eat breakfast, figured it was so late I must have eaten, before retracing my steps and finding I'd better eat.  And now I don't know what meal I'm up to.

There was a great curb alert freecycle put up online last evening by a freecycler who is great at spotting good items and very generous in sharing.  A butcher block table. So, since I figured the address to find it -- a curb alert means it doesn't belong to the poster, they just saw it on the curb or at a dumpster or something, and tell you where, so you take your chances -- anyway, since the location was on the way to my shopping this morning, I'd stop by and see.

And found that the road I was sure was it wasn't it.  Oh. So I wrote it off and did the shopping then later checked and found that if I'd had the sense to make one turn more, I'd have been there. Oh.  So after a trip to the libe to pick up this evening's viewing pleasure, I thought, well, the location's still on my way home, I'll just see.  No hope that it would still be there, though, since these things move fast.

So anyway, I did traipse around the road, and found the right dumpster enclosure, and there, there, was the little butcher block type table exactly as promised. shelves, castors, right height for me, the lot.  

It is now at home in my kitchen, scrubbed and sorted and tightened and reassured that someone does, too, want it, and just shows that my resisting buying one of these for a couple of years, way too expensive, was a Good Thing.

Especially since I pushed the boat out and bought a tablet, a Google Nexus 7this weekend and have been learning it studiously ever since.  This is my first shot at a picture.  I'm still studying how to work with the image, but for the moment, I'm amazed that I even found out how to get it here.  It was a Rube Goldbergian method, but it got here!

And the tablet has a GPS system built in, another item I've been seriously meaning to get, owing to my terrible sense of direction, and haven't quite got around to.  There is a certain irony in using a late model piece of electronic equipment to help me find free items around the area, though.  But I shall rise above it. Once I've figured out how to use the GPS.


  1. Wow! That is one of the nicest freecycle items I've ever seen. Clearly it was meant for you, especially since it waited all that time for you to work out where it was.

  2. Well, I was following along on my tablet, and when I saw Mittens comment, happily hit the publish button. Only to find that evidently I'd hit the reject button. I got a message saying You Have Rejected This Comment. As if I would. Anyway, here it is again, sorry, Judy:

    oh i did the same thing, Liz, forgot if Id eaten lunch or not, and to be on the safe side had another.

    and what a lovely score you made with that butcher block table...why do I keep seeing it festooned with plants?

  3. Congrats on your new tech AND on your new table, but especially the table :) How thoroughly satisfying to resist buying an item and then, eventually, one day, to have it appear in your life for free.

  4. New table score! I was definitely meant for you since it waited patiently for you to figure out what street it was on. Good luck figuring out the new tech, it always has a learning curve.


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