Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Equinox, Gardeners Ready..

Today being the Spring Equinox, at least as of this evening, the Dollivers and Greensleeves and a couple of dogs figured that the first day of Spring was planting time.  And after all, Boud had already prepared planters for seeding.

So, all togged up in spring dresses and with tools ready, the dogs eager to dig up whatever they planted, they were all dismayed to find we are in the midst of a snowstorm. 

After establishing that it wouldn't be possible to plant their Flower Carpet Bringing Butterflies and Hummingbirds, they turned their backs on the whole idea.  

Elton had already decided on his program, though, and refused to postpone it.  

So he played out their high dudgeon with Spring is In the Air, The Farmer in the Dell (bad idea, it caused ructions among the Dollivers as they fought over who was the Big Cheese in the song), and Oh What  a Beautiful Morning. Ever the optimist, despite experience.   You'll notice he had not abandoned his winter sweater and hat, though, spring or no spring.


  1. a truly sensible bear is elton. yes we are about to get a bit of your snowstorm, isnt it nice we can share weather like that

    Tell the dollivers it's okay, spring comes when it chooses, and rarely reads the calendar...

  2. A friend just called and said we should be Celebrating! Spring!!
    I said, "You know it's snowing, right?" She said firmly. "I'm Not Looking!"
    Well, alright then, let's celebrate. But first I must suit up again and go out to tempt several snow-encrusted goats into the barn for their evening hay.

  3. Methinks Elton is the wise one in the bunch. Spring refuses to be rushed, despite our best efforts to the contrary.

  4. ohhh am so sorry you couldn't all plant seeds!! I love following my 'greensleeves' and knowing she has a wonderful forever family


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