Saturday, March 7, 2015

Field and Fen -- Suitable for Work! 6WS

So my laptop started doing all kinds of strange tricks, illogical error messages, refusal to print from Word, demands to shut down before the juice ran out when I had only a browser open, etc.  And I decided perhaps I'd better invest in a tablet so that if all else failed I could still access email and a few favorite sites, maybe even learn to blog from it, so I finally did it.

And spent an interesting afternoon trying to open it, get it started, get it to respond to my pressing -- too gentle for Android, evidently -- and on the way to finding what I wanted, found myself in places I don't usually. 

One of them, on a search for Field and Fen, was a review of this site!  who knew.  Not any kind of indepth stuff, just a notation that it's moderately popular, suitable for family reading, and get this -- Suitable for Work!! I think we're all familiar with the NSFW alerts here and there when people post links.  Usually it's related to stuff your boss wouldn't like the computer system used for.  

But I'm oddly annoyed that we're considered so mild and inoffensive to these readers, over whose heads all the bitter political observations and the underlying subversiveness of the Dollivers, the all inclusive and wildly parodic group, complete with real life counterparts, appear to have flown. And I doubt if some of the writers we've reviewed think we're suitable for work...

So now I'm tempted to be Very Unsuitable.  

You have no idea what those bears might be about to get up to..

On the subject of techie equipment, I find that these electronic machines  have a mind of their own, and a certain consciousness, on the level of houseplants.  You know how when a plant just fails to thrive, starts withering and cringing, and you threaten to toss it out, and suddenly it puts out new leaves, straightens up and grows right?  

Case in point, the snake plant I put in the cuttings for last August.
See the three new leaves finally showing up?  I know they're slow growers, but these seemed to have been moving in reverse up till recently.  This growth took on a spurt when they saw me tossing dead stuff and upcycling their pots.

Anyway, electronics:  my laptop, the minute I placed my order for the tablet, suddenly started working right. Haven't tried the print function yet, but everything else appears to have decided it's not ready to be a big paperweight yet.


  1. Gesture of farewell to Leonard Nemoy? (6W)

  2. Glad to see that snake plant slithering in the right directions. I chuckled at the attempt at being indecent by suggesting that the bears are up to no good.


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