Monday, March 30, 2015

Plain 'n Fancy, Food that is

In the interests of scientific advance, I tested the tamarind sauce, as a marinade for plain old flounder.  Just spread a couple of teaspoons over, about an hour before baking, then, before putting it into a 380F oven for 15 minutes, shook homemade breadcrumbs over, at last a use for them, and a nice shake of lemon zest.

The result is well worth the doing.  Flounder is very amenable to any sort of flavoring, and this one worked so well.  With frozen peas, from Canada, too early for our locals, Canadian Doll did a little dance about this, and instant mashed potato.  That's the plain part.  The fancy part is the marinade etc.

This made two dinners, and there's plenty of the sauce left for other adventures.

Now I have to go in search of spackle to get started on painting the studio.  One wall at a time, usual procedure.  But it's getting harder and harder to start the first wall..I blame the Congress. Gridlock around the can of paint.

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