Monday, March 23, 2015

Plum and apple sauce ready for future dishes

I used the rest of the dino plums and one remaining Granny Smith apple, best in the world for cooking, left skin on plums, peeled the apple, cooked them gently with honey and made a cornstarch thickening and added it in.  

You see the pieces, then the resulting sauce.  I reduced the size with the stick blender, but left enough texture so that it didn't turn into babyfood.

And now it's in two containers in the freezer, ready to use probably at Easter with ham, and before then with chicken.  Very tart and interesting sauce to cut the sweetness of the meat.

All this, and the plum tart, was happening yesterday between drop in visits from various people who all had urgent needs to discuss!  so, far from being a relaxing activity, the cooking turned into a shoehorned-into-available-time activity.  But the food didn't seem to care.

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  1. Very tasty. Yesterday I made what I call a Tort using last summer's wild blueberries. Similar recipe. Synchronicity ?


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