Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dollivers, Tinies and stray Bears establish their territory

The general post upheaval of art materials all migrating up to the third floor, where some minor construction will disrupt them again next week, oh well, pictures then,  has resulted in items downstairs shuffling around. This included various books which finally found a place in the bookcase after the embroidery projects went off upstairs. This left room around the doll area.

And all the Dollivers, Tinies, Greensleeves and Various Bears other than the upstairs bears, now have two shelves they have declared  Dolland.  NameMe is agitating to bring in the Dolliver Kennels denizens, too, and we'll see what the bears think about that.

Meanwhile, here they all are, spread out happily and taking up as much space as possible so as to establish their ownership.  The tiny porcelain doll at the back right is seated on a chunk of New Hampshire, I believe, anyway a chunk of rock with large crystal inclusions.  They decided this is their Dolliver Rock, upon which Dolliver Nation will be founded.  Very pompous about it all. Greensleeves points out that this is a Sea to Sea project, since she traveled across the whole continent to get here, and we're only an hour from the Atlantic.

Meanwhile Canadian Doll is rolling her eyes at it all, and the peasant doll is brushing off the fuss as usual, since she's busy fetching eggs from the henhouse. You see her on the right reaching for her basket. The Minnesota dolls are happy with their new digs, finally, a dignified location as befits serious Midwesterners, even if they are made of buttons.

You'll notice the bears got the downstairs location. That's because the dolls complained they would be too noisy overhead. Especially Elton in rehearsal. Neighbors, can't win.


  1. ooooh boy - they have their own digs now? Next they'll be wanting Dolliver-sized furniture...slippery slope here.

  2. You'll notice that one of the bears grabbed their rocker, though..probably not going to give it back. On the grounds that they're all off their rocker anyway..

  3. They got their own space and are establishing a state, you can't beat their tenacity! Poor bears, they can't win.


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