Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Weekend here

Hectic time lately, what with software and hardware and too many commitments all falling over each other at the same time.

So to help me get in the spirit, a nice Silver Spotted Skipper spent a lot of time on the sedum out front.  Quietly flitting and sipping, sipping and flitting.  Telling me something.

Happy Holiday to blogistas for whom it's a holiday weekend, and happy Ordinary Weekend to the rest of the world.  September here any minute now.


  1. Hard to believe that summer is almost over. Didn't it just arrive?

  2. Very pretty flutterby and flowers. Can't believe it's nearly September. Where has the year gone?

  3. Lovely pics of the butterfly, I hope you have a very nice weekend as well. :)

    @Magpie Indeed, time seems to have taken wing! It's almost Dec.


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