Saturday, August 17, 2013

Being Rewarded for Doing What You LIke and Would Do Anyway

Not many places in life where this happens, but I just got one.  This summer I took part in a reading program, where all you did was read what you wanted and log the titles and authors into the library's LitFinder.  

At the end of the program, next week, there will be a drawing for a Kindle and a couple of other things. But no matter how the drawing goes, every participant got to come into the libe, bringing their log printout and choose a free book from a cart of choices.  So today I did.  That was great fun, and I scored a wonderful book, seen here.  I took off the jacket so as to show you inside as well in one shot.  Now this is cool!


Spent a good time outside reading it and studying what's in there.  At the Uni, I did a heavy duty section of my degree on art history, mainly the Renaissance in Europe, so this was a kind of nostalgia trip as well as new learning. And I was tickled, after last week's trip to the Unicorn Tapestries in NY, to observe places in other medieval works where the unicorn shows up.

Then there's the show of sunflowers, seeds a gift of a friend who lives across the street and can now enjoy them along with me.  The purple plant is a purple sage, smells wonderful when you brush by it. It's not the sage I use for pesto, though -- that's common sage and I grow it out back. 

All this leisurely activity, stitching a little, reading about the Renaissance from a safe distance, reading my medieval mystery story, another Dame Frevisse, I see a theme here,  is taking place while my friends are across the street digging and hauling and generally overdoing it, while I get to kibitz.


  1. I love the library! I don`t know what I would ever do if it were taken away. I have tons of books of my own and bring home even more from the library. They can`t claim I don`t help to keep their circulation numbers up! Sounds like your library has a great program going on and you scored a great book.

  2. Nothing like a lovely book to remind us of days gone by and pretty flowers to bring joy.

  3. That is a great program your library has going, I wish there was one like that here. Good for you on getting a book and the artwork looks very interesting.

    Lovely sunflowers too!


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