Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An afternoon at Bountiful

Farmshare day today, after a morning of enormous storms, serious downpour, the kind you can't see through, tornadoes a bit north of here, but here we got lucky.  By afternoon the sun was out and steaming the earth.

So today's farmshare was the sort of great food you get in the middle of the season in the middle of the state in the middle of the farmshare.  And the extras:  as much corn as you could deal with, a large and juicy canteloupe, blackberries picked at six this morning before the storm, peaches and tomatoes, likewise, and flowers in the field, borrow the clippers and pick at will.  Jill the Farm Lady tells me that the extra flowers, to pick freely, will be the norm every week from now on

So there I was in a field of zinnias, fighting it out with the butterflies and happy bees, as I clipped and picked and had a wonderful time.

The bees did not stop when I picked the flower they were on -- just went on seriously working until they were Ready To Move On. And the sulfur butterflies were all over the place, following me as I left.

Good thing I had my farm mud shoes on, since there was about six inches of mud to navigate after the torrential downpours of the morning.  But what a heavenly afternoon followed.

This was after a trip to the thrift store, where I scored a beautiful pink linen top which I may wear and then again I may stitch, and then again I may do both...and to the library to pick up Mrs Bradley and Call the Midwife Season Two.

A walk in the wet woods around here cleaned my shoes up a bit, though that wasn't the purpose, but it works for me.

And now I'm here, after eating a quarter of that melon with ginger sprinkled on.  Nice glass of chardonnay. 

Come to think of it, this whole day works for me.


  1. Sounds like a day that would score a perfect '10' in all the ways that count. I do love zinnias and could never seem to get them to grow...something (earwigs probably) always ate them before they bloomed.

  2. what a perfect day, your flowers are lovely, always good to have fresh flowers in the house

  3. I love zinnias I have this wild fantasy where I have a huge field cropping up with them.

  4. I really wish we had a farm-share around here. What a lovely bounty!!

  5. How very fortunate you are to have access to this. Beautiful zinnias!

  6. We had corn last weekend, first of the season, new potatoes and green beans from the farmer's market last night. Just goes to show you how much later our season is compared to yours. Nothing beats the taste of fresh picked veggies. Except for a plate of fresh veggies and a glass of wine to toast one's blessings. - J in Cowtown

  7. That sounds like a truly delightful day, Liz. And pretty flowers too boot. What a nice surprise.


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