Saturday, August 10, 2013

Road Trip!

Great day's vacation in the Big City -- New York -- to the Cloisters, to be exact, the medieval art and architecture part of the Met. Museum of Art, way up Riverside Drive, overlooking the Hudson.

View from high over the Hudson

View from the other side of the museum, the cityscape. 

One of our embroidery buds is leaving for a transfer to far away, and gave us as a good bye present a booking of a stretch limo to take us in great style! 
My first trip in such a classy vehicle, call me Beyonce.  Happy group setting out, ready with all kinds of vital snacks.  Great day wonderful stitching and tapestry and architecture, and well, you just had to be there.  No pictures here of the Unicorn Tapestries, the main reason for our visit, since photography is not allowed around them, in order to preserve them, so to find out more, go here.  

Lunch at little tables set around the garth, in the shade of the cloister.  Herb garden, where I pinched and sniffed and had a heavenly time.


Serious shopping opp. in the gift store.

It's so long since I was at the Cloisters, so it was great to renew my acquaintance, and now with much more knowledge of tapestry and stitching and goldwork.  It's a maze of small rooms, all with medieval artworks, sculpture, religious icons, ecclesiastical vestments, secular tapestries, stitching of many kinds, small enough that you can wander around happily without being overwhelmed, big enough to keep losing your group, as I did.

Serious thanks to Helen H. who prearranged all kinds of information and made sure all was planned up, and to Suzette D. who took us there in a limo.  Without them it wouldn't have happened.


  1. That looks like a fabulous day. What a beautiful building and gardens, not to mention the stitchery.

  2. Super trip! Super photos! So glad you had that lovely day.

  3. Great group you belong to. Very classy. Excellent pics.

  4. Ash! so good to see you around again.

  5. Sounds like a day to be envied in pretty much every way.


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