Monday, August 26, 2013

So finally a Kindle comes into my life

After saying loudly for years I would never buy a Kindle, because it's the equivalent of paying to enter a bookstore to buy books, a Kindle has come into my life. And I didn't buy it. I got it the old fashioned way -- I won it in a drawing!

After getting my lovely Renaissance book last week, I forgot that there was also a drawing for various prizes to close the summer library reading program.  Then today a phone call from Rina Banerjee, branch manager of the library I was involved in, to tell me I'd drawn first prize, a Kindle.  Yay.

So I hotfooted it over there, and here's Rina with the lucky winner, doing the Grip and Grin for the libe's pr, and well deserved it is.

So this afternoon is all about finding where the on switch is, and going from there.  I've managed to register myself, and my big plan is to learn to download ebooks from the libe. 

Steep learning curve here,but I'm  very proud of realizing that I can charge the K using the adapter from the Ipod Touch, what a concept,and it's now all green lights and ready. 

More than I am, but this is pretty thrilling, I can tell you.This is the first thing I ever won in my entire life!


  1. Congratulations! You can also check out: to find ebooks in several categories that Amazon is offering for fee that day. Enjoy!

  2. Well, very big congrats on your win!! You're going to have fun learning this new thing - one I've not succumbed to and don't plan to anytime soon. I still like real books (and magazines) and the feeling of paper in my hands.

  3. Good for you! And the reason I have one (a Kobo, but same idea) is that I can't handle big hardbacks when I've gone to I can read 900-page books with ease!

    I won a huge cone of impossible-to-break fine twine for my mother around 1940 - played bingo till I dropped and finally won it (she was paying). We used it for overseas parcels all through the war, and there are still one or two boxes of 'things' tied up with it. It didn't run out till some time in the '70s!!

  4. How nice. I'm glad you have a new toy. I was fondled someone's Nook at book club last time.

  5. Excellent score!! Funny how we can end up with the things we vow and declare we will never own.

  6. I am green with envy, Liz; not that you won one, but that you so easily embrace this stuff with a minimum of fuss and feathers. I agree witih Minimiss, "I never will.." so often turns into "how did I ever get along without...".

    a whole new way of working, of reading, of discovery. And what fun youre having!


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