Sunday, September 1, 2013

Concatenation and Molasses Cookies

This may look like a plate of molasses and ginger cookies fresh from the oven to celebrate White Rabbits the First of September, but in fact it's the end of a concatenation starting with the reading program I took part in this summer.

That ended in my being drawn for first prize, my Kindle.  That was the first salvo in a few days' intense learning and frustration and software cursing in the course of finding out how where and when I can upload, how to convert files to something Kindle likes, very fussy over its food, K rations, you know, how to move books from out there to in here, etc.

And I now have uploaded on my K a number of marvellous totally unavailable in print, works, one of which is about food in wartime.  The First World War, that is, written in 1917 at the request of the US Gov, for housewives encouraging them to be frugal and stop eating a pound of meat a day, and so on.  

And at the end is a series of actually perfectly nice recipes, one of them for molasses cookies. Nothing to do with frugal, since they involve a lot of ginger and molasses and the flour they were supposed to economize on, and I subbed olive oil for the solid shortening they wanted.  And added walnuts on the top, also not frugal.

So here they are.  Already little care packages are in a couple of neighbors' houses.  I actually put the batch into the freezer in the innocent belief they would last for weeks of teatime, but oh well. 

Better on the neighbors' hips than mine...


  1. Good for you for undertaking the learning curve! The cookies look pretty decent and probably taste just as good frozen.

  2. I once tasted one of the versions of "Christmas pudding" the ministry of something published for WWIIhousewives to make when everything was rationed in Britain. Shredded carrots were the main ingredient. Beets were the sweetener. Not beet syrup or beet extract, but just shredded beets. It was horrible. I realize you wrote about a WWI recipe, but it reminded me of this.

  3. I can almost smell them. They look very tasty.

  4. They look very yummy! Congrats on a good ending to a frustrating process. I found many treasures on! It really is fun to read older works! Have a great week!


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