Sunday, September 8, 2013

Recorder players party on!

Picnic 2013 of our local ARS chapter, Princeton Recorder Society.  I was playing in the three main playing groups, so I wasn't able to pic and play at the same time, but there was good music at this event.

Here's our treasurer, Bob, taking a bow after playing a series of bass solos:

John Burkhalter, seen here holding soprano recorder after playing brilliantly, is a virtuoso recorder player, and a generous one, too, to less accomplished players, ask me how I know this, and I now find his mother is an artist. He hopes to put her and me in touch, which will be wonderful.  She lives in assisted living, far from here, but computers don't care!

And the food, all made by ourselves, was great as usual.  My default devilled eggs all vanished, I like this, no leftovers to carry home, just the container!

Time to talk with your friends, catch up. 

For outdoor playing you need perfect weather -- we were under cover so rain wouldn't have mattered too much -- but wind can be an issue, so you have to remember to peg down your sheet music on the stand.  But the sound of the music drifting on the air was lovely, perfect day in the 70s, sunny.  

Good time.


  1. Sounds lovely! What a spread, it makes me hungry just to look at.

  2. A great time had by all it appears - and good eats too. What more could anyone want?


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