Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Dollivers at home for Twelfth Night

The Ds and Greensleeves are back in their apartment on the bookcase now, along with tinies and Elton.  Everyone voted to keep on the red dresses since they are now getting ready for Valentine's Day, I shoulda known.  But they are not agitating for new dresses, so that's something.  On the other hand, it's a while till then so you never know.  They may be checking the market price of diamonds..  Canadian Doll has made a new friend of Victoria in the rocker.

Elton, almost buried under his fan club, played them out with We Three Kings, since it took those benighted monarchs this long to find the place, probably wouldn't ask directions..and Boud remembers long ago making the Three Kings circle cake, like a crown, for Handsome Son and having him wear a paper golden crown to help cut it.

This is where the recipient of all the gifts of Christmas is wondering how to house all the drummers and leaping lords, not to mention the turtle doves, calling birds and swans.  The five gold rings didn't pose much of a problem.

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