Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Dollivers Are Seeing Green

Sea green? isn't that a color, asks Blondie Firstborn.  It would suit me a treat.

Meanwhile they all got into position with their chosen numbers, for their Powerball photoshoot.  

However, they soon got into a dispute with the pedigree Dolliver Kennels dogs, since the Dollivers insisted that their understanding is that it's the Powerdoll drawing.  The dogs of course point out, noisily, that it's the Powerdog drawing.

They are united in wanting to win, and picked out the random numbers, which Boud had to write down for them. At this point it's not clear that they realized they needed a ticket.

In fact once it was explained that if it's a Powerdoll drawing, they might get a billion dolls, and the dogs might have to compete for dinner with a billion dogs, and that a billion is a lot, they all settled for just the photoshoot, never mind the ticket after all.

The rush of thinking about it and posing for the picture is the best part anyway.  Statistically, there's not much to choose in terms of chances of winning between having a ticket and not having one.


  1. Thinking about what you'd do if you'd win is the fun of it all - the thought of actually winning and having to deal with the fallout is just too much to contemplate.


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