Friday, January 8, 2016

Advance alert: Google Friend Connect may be going away!

This is sad news if you are getting this blog through a feed using anything other than Google.  However, if you access it via Google, no problems, likewise if you get the feed via Bloglovin, fine.  Or if you're on my direct mailing list, fine.  You can sign up for Bloglovin on the right there, where it says Bloglovin, or you can request to be on my mailing list, by leaving a comment.  I just need all my readers and don't want to lose you!

Google apparently is making this change after the weekend, so, sigh, if you need to act, now's the time.  

The Dollivers insist that they must not lose their fans!


  1. I've got you on my linky list sidebar on my blog so hopefully I won't lose you after any changes!


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