Saturday, January 9, 2016

Warms the kitchen, cheers the cook! 6WS

All out of regular bread, so I made a loaf, partly from the Healthy Bread book and partly using tips from Jacques Pepin.  Healthy Bread has recipes for great wholegrain bread which is genuine yeast-risen bread, but no kneading, which is good because my hands can't do that very well.  You can use the same recipe to make buns or breadsticks, just shape it at will, figure out the baking time. I make one giant loaf from a recipe, and bake it, this is where Pepin comes in, in a nonstick casserole.

Mix the dough in the same container, let it rise to double, scrape the sides down a bit, make a cross on it, bake, and it practically jumps out of the casserole when done. Very nice crust, too.

My mom used to cut the sign of the cross on her bread as a devotion,  but I just do it to break the surface and make it easy to cut into four loaves when done.  So easy.  It must be six or seven years since I bought bread.  It's great to make, because it's alive, and the dough works with you. And the house smells wonderful.


  1. Hi Liz, is this the Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day?

    I'm checking the library for copies


  2. Yes,by Hertzberg and francois. I borrowed it from the libe at first, then realized I'd better own it, since it was going to be a bit doughy in my hands! I rarely buy recipe books, since I usually only want one or two items, but this one is worth owning.


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